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Digital Dictation

Philips Digital Dictation Machine

Digital dictation is the latest technology for managing documents that have been traditionally created by using analogue tape based equipment. Instead of manually passing analogue tapes around an organisation it uses instead a computer network and servers in order to instantly and intelligently send your recordings to the correct place.

TBSL has been working with digital dictation for the last 5 years and has at least 50 years overall experience in working with dictation equipment so when we say we have seen it all, we literally mean it.

Why Digital?

There are many reasons why you should go digital with your dictations and here are a few of them:

  • Save costs

  • As speaking is up to seven times quicker than typing, recording your clients report can be done a lot more efficiently now. Whether you have the dictations transcribed by an assistant or use speech recognition software, the process has never been quicker and easier.

  • Speed up document creation

  • Philips SpeechExec workflow software makes managing enormous amounts of paperwork easy. As soon as your dictation is recorded and you dock your device, your dictations are automatically sent to your designated transcriptionist or speech recognition software. Dictations can be assigned different priority settings and tags, making it even easier for your assistant to work more efficiently. No need for long lag times or waiting for your cassette to be picked up by a transcriptionist.

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Breakthrough 3D Mic technology delivers best audio quality in any recording situation. Perfect for on the go or in noisy environments.

  • Increased efficiency

  • Together with the excellent dictation recorders, a powerful workflow solution can help you to further increase your efficiency and save you even more time. Recordings can be assigned priorities and automatically routed to the correct transcriptionists instantly, which eliminates common mistakes of the past. On top of all this, SpeechLive enables you to access this workflow from anywhere and anytime.

  • 100% Security

  • The Philips Pocket Memo 8000 series offers real time file encryption (using the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm) with a key length of 256 bits and the device can be assigned a PIN lock, to protect against unauthorized use or file playback.

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